my birthday 


 if i give you a paper how would you illustrate what is love that inside your mind

for me

love is the one and only

is pure

is the mixed up of all the color

is unaffected by other

is not the perfect one

1 - 1

1 - -1

-1 - 1

-1 - -1

what are them for you?


life is an error...perhaps human are the debugger


my PC sicked

that's why i was frustrating 

 don't know since when i started to love computer

still remember last time, i dreamed for 3 years after i saw my friend's house pc

is kind of funny la...i always late and slow in IT yet i like them so much

people standard 6 already played PC game but  me...form 3 only started to open mp3...

people form 4 got their own CD burner but then i get it few month recently

people use streamyx for 3 years already but i not even have internet connection at home before

never buy own scanner and printer

recently only i have my external HD...

i love PC like loving my wife...haha

but life shouldn't only full of comparison with others isn't it, or else you would never statisfied, if you are not statisfied, you wouldn't cherish what you have...

maybe that's the reason i cherish what i have today: the passion of learning thing of computer

i can design : drawing : singing : reading : listening : watching : working : creating : managing : surfing : exchanging : with my PC

i'd been fooled by who i fooled
well done honey.

my tireness tire to become tired

but why don't my lazyness lazy to become lazier

if creativity is on one's criterion 

then tell me what is creative

sometime i wonder

we searching for destination


destination direct us?
today i was lost...

i hate three ing

searching walking sweating

they drive me mad


i  abandon the encumbrance which is no belong to this journey

but somehow i believe that they will come back

my hair

We're different yet so much in common. It's amazing how perfect we click.

She likes sports, he likes arts.....He hates sports and sweat and she thinks arts is BORING!! Haha.

Both of us like music but we have different taste of music. He likes upbeat songs and she likes sentimental songs. (It's weird how he likes fast songs but despise sports??)

One obvious difference is that she is a business student whereas he is a computer-designed student. However we are wild and crazy.

He melts when she smile and she melts when he sings.

He=Darling, She=Honey

She expresses her thoughts through blogging while he expresses his individuality through graphic.

She:" lah call you for fun:)"

He:"Honey, sayang:P"

Our hearts are chained towards each other. We're inseparable, wherever we are!

We are truly made for each other

She:"I'm so lucky to have you in my life."

Kare... kanojyo...

He:"she is naughty but she is cute!!The cutest in the world!!"

She:"My fave moment was our first month anniversary. He did the sweetest thing that melts my heart. Te amo con todo mi corazon"

He is a bastard and she is a bitch.(haha what is that!!!!!!!??nandesuka?)just kidding...

He is my darling Tong Shen and she is my honey Mel Mel.



scenario 01

vice: hey virture, the way you used to do is  stupid, you should follow my way.
virture: (silent).

vice kla kla kla.

scenario 02

vice: come here, i show you now, so that you wouldn't do that again ok.
virture: (silent).

vice kla kla kla
peopleA: (laugh)
vice: oh, emm, ok, actually have to depend on the situation, like just now i just shown you the fail example, don't learn that ok? use bla bla bla. just follow what i said you will be good.
virture: (silent).

virture bla bla bla
vice: hey, not definitely you must bla bla bla, you should gla gla gla also what, can't you improve?
virture gla gla gla
vice: hai...why you gla gla gla?(angry) i show you for the last time ok!!
vice bla bla bla gla gla gla

peopleB: hey vice, why you do that?it's stupid!
vice: hmm, i just try to show virture what he did just now, it's stupid isn't it?
virture: (silent).


just now chat with my friend YC, about why am i write don't need to know, because is funny.
he said is too hard to understand what had i wrote.

why nothing is nothing?

nothing is nothing

some people might think: a = a
some people might think: no thing in this world is consider nothing
some people might think: you got nothing is nothing

sometime something simple may carry out lots of meanings also isn't it?
depend on how you discern it.

p/s: YC:"nothing is wrong or's just perspective."


this is : my project my design my hardwork my idea my sense my 2marks...

アイウエオ  あいうえお
サシスセソ  さしすせそ
カキクケコ  かきくけこ
タチツテト  たちつてと
ナニヌネノ  なにぬねの
ハヒフヘホ  はひふへほ
ラリルレロ  らりるれろ
マミムメモ  まみむめも
ヤユヨ    やゆよ
ワヲ     わを
ン      ん










2007010193(14)                                    comprehend     
that's the process, it might be less nor more. but somehow, less is more; more is less.
fourteen miss call, guess i need to understand woman over again...

i thought i did, but i wasn't.


 coincidence    curse    providence    destiny