25th march 2007

i experienced the most painful sore throat in my life

i can't sleep
then i play with photoshop to release the pain

a picture from friendster most popular people

i toke her pic without permission


for me

everymotion of human

is the way the tell a story

so long din't go for vacation already
actually i never went for vacation also
what am i talking about?

i like beautiful posing

i think my throat was that color yesterday
i am really helpless


hey sorry bro

seldom online nowdays...



message me here

i am going to update my blog soon

stay tune

i am a designer of life

my proposition is to create human to human chemical diffusion

i am not the person who have idea

i am the one who have prospective

the way i look the world

is the way they look at me

who are they?

they are just the passanger

of the midnight express

to a place

call endless

i stand watching

you don't even stand... you just walk away

i used to have a dream:

to be:

if i wan them all, then i don't wan them at all

but that's tough for me

cause sometimes i just can't give up a lot of thing

i am not good at giving up

i just ain't not "pizazz" enough...haha

i need a box

a huge one

to keep all my fantasy

i'm just a person that have a lot of dreams

my school's battle of the band

how is it? this is the name tag