finally i learned adobe illustrator

long long time ago

i wish to learn keep on delay

until now only i explore it

this is the 1st illustration

and i now understand why some people like puzzle or modeling gundum

is fun when you construct all the lines

one bye one

slowly color it

at finalize it

is so fun

more illustration will coming soon hopefully

wanna try comic next time

can clearly see that there are much different after the change

according to my personal survey

most of the girls: "ya no bad"

but for some guys: "so fake"

depend on how you judge it

art value versus commercial value?

this is also after retouch

my lovely honey

life = reading input, generate output

chapter 01: clourless world

discern the white in the blackness

discern the black in the chalkiness

everybody found themselves ain't in their own world

chapter 02: still, colorless world

white cloud lost in the white world

shadow lost in the black world too

大家都在自己的世界里, 迷失了自己
everybody lost in their own world

chapter 03: colorless world,none the less gorgeous

grey came

and everybody smile

across this 2 semester of the multimedia study

i had learn 1 lesson:

is doesn't matter how good you can design

is about how much you can convince people you design

if people like you design

then your design is a good design

nowadays seldom online

there are no Internet access in my house here

in few more days i will have streamyx again

but seriously streamyx sux!

so slow so lag

hmm...but never mind

going to online in my room soon, yahoo!

this is my university big project, but at last they didn't use my design

the design will be used for whole set of the product

bunting, flyers, CD insert and CD label

a bit of disappointed but i still continue ganbatte!

this is the one that been chosen for the project

nice edit
great color and contrast
nice combination of font, simple yet effective
keep it up
i love u muakz~

if you wanna cry, please understand why you cry

the dear dream come

the dear dream gone

but you're not here anymore

you walking in the sunshine

walking in the sunshine

so i'm here without you


the invisible beautifulness

different music represent different feeling

different song represent different story

what is the music of you?

do you like music?

what type of music u like?

what is the first song that appear

when you are





in love?


music has rooted on me

my life without music is not my life

beside graphic

i used to sing to express myself

i wish people will like music

that is why i am singing

i can feel where am i while i'm singing

let your heart singing your song

and let your song singing to the world

i love R&B

acid blue

big band

i love chinese song

i love my song

i love music


you could just turning some error or mistake

into some wonderful feeling

remember you can do it