if you wanna cry, please understand why you cry

the dear dream come

the dear dream gone

but you're not here anymore

you walking in the sunshine

walking in the sunshine

so i'm here without you


the invisible beautifulness

different music represent different feeling

different song represent different story

what is the music of you?

do you like music?

what type of music u like?

what is the first song that appear

when you are





in love?


music has rooted on me

my life without music is not my life

beside graphic

i used to sing to express myself

i wish people will like music

that is why i am singing

i can feel where am i while i'm singing

let your heart singing your song

and let your song singing to the world

i love R&B

acid blue

big band

i love chinese song

i love my song

i love music


you could just turning some error or mistake

into some wonderful feeling

remember you can do it


we separate again

i feel so sad every time we separate

but i always believe that

every discerption is the beginning of waiting for the next meet

and every separation

we will realized

how much we can't lose each other

guess nobody understand how much i love her

working with instinct and feeling is my principle

so i strongly believe:

"that right, is her"

you and me is two people

us is one heart