dear child in despair,

they throw you into the abysm

but at least they didn't kill you

they do  gave you a chance to live

whether you choose to fight 

or submerge into the forever oblivion...

hey i can't save you

but i do have a color pencil


i can borrow you...

God never allows self-destruction

every star is a wish

and i give it to all my friends

good luck to you all






Q: do you know how many times i think of you in 1 day ?

A: 86400 times!!!

sometime guys are not caring enough, that why they always forgot that there are actually 86400 seconds everyday (exclude those freak science people)

girls are more caring (mostly, in fact there are guys who are caring)

what i try to say is: no matter how bad you are, how weak you are, there will be a person,who's always  there to fill up you life.

i used the picture that you doesn't care

turned into my cross complexion

pute anima, you lost in the flaring temptation.

come back to where you belong.

my children.
you born to be dyed, by the heavenly song, that i pray.


that's why i just like that feeling.

thank you for giving me nice birthday

i love you so much, now and forever.


sometimes you couldn't be what you wannna be

sometimes you couldn't be what people expect you to be

sometimes you couldn't be what you don't wanna be

sometimes it just tired to be as like what others be

sometimes people could be but you can't be

sometimes you accidently become what people want you to be

sometimes you just being somebody that you should be

sometimes you just being somebody that people think you should be

sometimes you shouldn't be what people think you should be

i just talking to myself
to be or not to be

origin: yi yong

i seem like giving up writting the blog...

but i'm not, i juz busy and no mood

still got something about my birthday haven't blog

i miss designing...