hehe i am free/half free right now

exam passed

project done (i had a presentation after my final exam, what the hell!??)

this sem biggest assignment should be the 2 video 

duffy - mercy

stupid ghost story - the tape (ok, common, my first movie) 

ps: i am real sucks on video

still waitting my friend to upload into youtube

will update my design journey for this semester soon after i clean up all the mess


baby i love u (the real baby)

finally idealsart is done
what's that? it is a website with xxx, xxx, and xxx.
xxx = top secret

Tell me how am i suppose to read this? Ho-i-sss?

hoi-zzz? hui-z?

try to be cool huh?

which one most cute?

there was once i heard a story

there's a duck that live with a group of chicken

and the duck is always treat as a chicken by those chicken

chicken: hey com'on dude, you have wing, you stand with 2 leg, is like us

ok people portrait diversity with chicken and duck that's is fine...

but i had no idea why is there a group a not-look-like-chicken's chicken

what the hell...

anyway miss my home town hehe

hmm ok i need to clarify to everyone that

my girlfriend is a really sweet girl

her name is melissa newton julak

and i love her very much

even i think no people reading my blog but

is ok

i m writting from my heart

i hope that i can have more time to spend with baby

cause really busy recently (even though i don't no what i busy with)

hug girl (-o-)

need to be improved alot

recently doing a design for my school activity for an activity call suara ssil.

it was not a very excellent design but some of my friends like it.

but some of my friends advice me not to use this image because because there is some explicit
content. (picture 1, the hanging girl)

i don't care much about whether is being choosen or not


it really upset me that

i am setting inside a box

and when i try to think what's outside of the box

i get kill in the box

can i do anything to change this circumstances...

all i shall keep quiet in the box...

miss some phone call because of sleeping
miss the alarm (want to wash my cloth)
finally wake up (but sick)
sleep back
miss the class
go hostel office, being chase back (they want me to bath)
did not check in + forget to fill the form (fine RM10+10)
do something stupid to make my girl angry
eat alone
blogger logging error
suddenly the text that i type for this post all gone

to be continue...